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March 08, 2007


Phil Voice

I love the photo with the car, so crisp. It has everything from colour texture and interest.

The flood meadows are interesting and it is a shame that there is not a proper maintenance procedure in place. It was really important way back because people knew what would happen if relief was not provided.

My Dad, who lived in Guildford as a kid used to tell us about how the meadows around the river and canal by the theatre (just below St Catherine s) would be allowed to flood in order to relive the pressure through Guildford town centre.

I used to live near Tisted where again there is a major flood meadow but unfortunately, in the wisdom of the planners at East Hants District Council, building was allowed.

The houses had been there for a few years before weeks of torrential rain finally built up to the point that the meadows had to come into play.

Sadly, the houses were flooded to second story level and I think to this day they have either been demolished or are inhabitable.

Isn't the message, do not mess with natrual forces but use them to you advantage?

I'll try and find a photo of the flooding of the houses.



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