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May 27, 2007



Yep, those silver fish are cool little dudes! I have noticed that other insects have remarkable powers of recovery. Ants for example, while working on (under) the car on Charley's driveway I would occationaly do some serious damage to an ant by laying on it, or dropping some tool on it. It would lay there for a while looking pretty messed up and dead. Then it would start to twitch, hobble around in s circle for a while, then he'd be off behaving like nothing happened, even if he was dragging a limb or two. It is pretty amazing that a creature with just a few neurons for a brain can relearn to walk with a drastically altered body in just a few minutes. Probably having 6 legs to start with helps, but missing, or dragging several must effect steering and they seem to be able to overcome this and follow their little trails with the other ants.

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